Anne Rearick

Photographe américaine, membre de l’Agence VU’ depuis 1993, représentée par la galerie Clémentine de la Féronnière (Paris), basée à Gloucester (Massachusetts).

Titulaire d’un Master of Fine Arts du Massachusetts College of Art en 1990, Anne Rearick exerce depuis lors à la fois comme professeure et comme photographe. Dans la grande tradition de la photographie documentaire américaine à laquelle elle adjoint sa singularité, elle travaille sur des sujets au long cours, approfondissant les relations avec les gens et les lieux qu’elle

Anne Rearick is American. Yet other than her, no one could understand the 15-year-long love story between a young woman and the French Basque country, the key subject of her photography. It was there that she fell in love with the land, the daily life, and the connection between people and animals. Her sensibility allows her to properly record the moments truly capturing the essence of this culture.

Her work comes through as deeply personal because therein lie her motivations. Whether in the United States or South Africa, she approaches people and situations with an unbiased eye, and her images reflect the intense bonds she builds with her subjects, their communities, and their struggles.